All For The Sake Of Love (Alles aus Liebe)

I wish that I could tell you
just how much you mean to me
the way I think about you constantly
you’ve got me where you want me
you’re the spider I’m the fly
I can’t break free ’cause I’d never try

It’s a messed up worn out fairy tale
so why is it we still pretend
when we both can say
There’s just no way
that this could have a happy end

The thought of you with any other tears me up inside
from Dr. Jekyll I turn into Mr. Hyde
The fear of losing you is driving me insane
even though I know you’re not the one to blame

The story line for me and you
is getting very near the end
and we both can see
how the end will be
so why do we still pretend

I need to show how much I love you
I need to prove my heart is true
I’m gonna show the world
how much I love you girl
I’m gonna kill myself for you

I’m feeling more uneasy
with the dawn of each new day
it’s the fear of losing you
that makes me feel this way
It’s then I realise
there’s only one thing left to do
It’s the only way to make you stay forever true

Well I know there’s nothing we can do
to keep alive the love we found
and when I’ve played out this last scene with you
I’m gonna bring the final curtain down

I need to show….

I’m gonna show the world
how much I love you girl
Yes, I’m gonna kill me and you

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