We like to sit in white bars
And browse through new-by chicks
Our closet get old-fashioned
To be by me once we quit
We’re fitting our filter friends
In Amsterdam, in Chelsea
We don’t go but in a longer transport
We had our fleet of taxis

In Richmond we are very small
In Richmond we are objects of art

A walk along the?
Alright, it must be boat
Oysters in a trendy restaurant
I’ll flash out 20 pound notes
Then tour along a? cup in a brand-new Lamborghini
With a tasty model next to me sipping iced Martini

In Richmond we are truly never nice
In Richmond we’re the average peasant lives

So if you think you’re good enough?
Well there’s a few things that you have to do first
If you wanna join our troupe
You have to have a daily?
A holiday in?
You’re gonna have?
And dance like John Travolta

In Richmond?
In Richmond where the single? are mental
In Richmond?
In Richmond?

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