The Return Of Alex (Hier kommt Alex)

In a world designed by the men in grey
Who decide how we live and breath
There’s a masterplan for the company man
From the cradle to the company grave
They thought that you’d be happy
With your place in the national scheme
And your carefully measured freedom
To conform to the corporate dream
But there’s a virus in the software here
That shows like a cancer trace
When you thought it was safe to relax
It’s back right in your face

Hey, hey, hey, here comes Alex
And there’s nowhere left for you to go
Hey, hey, hey, here comes Alex
Yes it’s true your darkest nightmare horrorshow

There’s something here can’t be denied
to satisfy their greed
if they say we don’t care what you want
’cause we know what you need
as history will repeat itself
and hate on violence feed
in every man a darker side
just waiting to be freed

Hey, hey….

So you watch the meters writhing
and the silent pressure grows
the hate inside is rising
the one you’ve always known
when the time is past for talking
and you’ve stepped across that line
I will return, vengeance will be mine

Hey, hey….

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