Love Is Here (Liebesspieler)

Hey, today’s my lucky day
Trust me, and Love is Here
Hey, today’s my lucky day
Honest, no need to fear

Under starter’s orders
They’re off and running clear
And way up front it’s Love is Here
They’re passing where I stand
With betting slip in sweaty hand
I let out a confident sheer
„Come on my son!”

Hey, today’s my lucky day…..

When I’ve won this race
I’ll take you any place
And buy anything your heart desires
And later if you like
You can stay with me tonight
And help put out this fire

Hey, today’s my lucky day….

„And it’s Love is Here leading into the straight,
but the rest are cute up to challenge, Love is Here by a length.
Approaching by the bar, Bonanza Boy, and Roller Joy in third.
We’re approaching the last four lengths and it’s Love is Here by a short head.
They’re well inside the final ….. it’s still Love is Here,
but here comes Bonanza Boy, Roller Joy.
Star Ranger, making a good thousand of it, Love is Here.
It’s Roller Joy!”

Oh, no!!
What the hell went wrong?
That donkey had it won
The midget on his back
Has let me down

Now she’s gone home
So I check the form alone
There’s a winner that must be found

Bollix, today is not my day
Trust me, to pick that mule
Bollix, there’ll be another day
That day, I will come through
Bollix, there’ll be another day
And on that day, I will come through

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