Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is (Buy Me!) (Kauf MICH!)

I know you really need it bad, you know this is true
I know I’m always on your mind, there’s nothing you can do
I can make you feel alive if the price is right
So let’s put the seal on this little deal and I’ll be yours tonight

So put your money where your mouth is
I know what’s best for you
Just cough it up and let’s get started
Anything will do
So come on buy me

I’m your rose pink Cadillac, your sexy perfume spray
I’m your daily happy pill, I’ll make you feel OK
I’m that special satin dress, that comes from Paris, France
I’m your throbbing sexy toy, that’s in your legs romance

So put your money where your heart is….

Buy me, buy me, buy me

I am everything you need and everything you want
Try my special offer, you can pay me by the month
All this and more my dear, I’m the hottest deal in town
Call me day or night, you know I’ll always come around
You can trust in me, ’cause I love to see you lay your money down

So put your….

Come on live now and pay later
Spend all you have and more
I’m your corner shop persuader, adding up the score
So come on buy me, why don’t you try me
You know you’ll like me
Please buy me
Come on, buy me

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